Rotary Printing Color+

Salient Features

  • Simple, durable, economical
  • The mechanical drive of the Color+ provides long and uninterrupted service with a central main motor driving the printing blanket and all the screens
  • Accurate setting for longitudinal, lateral and diagonal repeats
  • Uniform and optimised gluing application

Harish Blade Squeegee advantages

  • Savings on dyestuff
  • Paste amount (left/right) controllable during printing
  • Paste deposited on surface higher resulting in vibrant colours
  • Colour match up easy
  • Well defined print/outline

Harish Roller Squeegee advantages

  • Easy to operate.
  • Negligible difference between middle or sides.
  • Permanent magnet.
  • Smooth and knurled roller.
  • Energy savings (No electrical power, does not heat up)
  • High reproducibility
  • No coil burnout or uneven print